Natalie Jayasuriya – VICE PRINCIPAL

Deanna’s elder daughter Natalie, who has returned to Sri Lanka, is a qualified dancer trained by Deanna as well as two major dance academies – The Elmhurst Ballet School and Pineapple Studio’s in the United Kingdom.

Natalie’s passion for dance began at the tender age of 2 1/2, presumably by watching her mother teaching all the time. Under the guidance of her mother, Natalie went through rigorous training until she attended the esteemed Elmhurst Ballet School, in Surrey, UK. She was 11, when admitted to boarding school and at the time went through training in Classical Ballet, Modern, Tap and Spanish apart from studying Drama and Music. Natalie later progressed to finish her Elementary dance certificate at the age of 16 at the Royal Academy of Dancing. Natalie is now the Vice Principal of the school.

She teaches Contemporary & Jazz Ballet at the school.

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