About Us


The school follows the Royal Academy of Dance (UK) Syllabus and children start dancing from the age of 2.  They take their first London Examination at the age of 6. A uniform, (recommended by the RAD) consisting of leotards, shoes, tights, etc, should be worn by all students and can be purchased at the school ballet shop, which is also located within the premises. Junior classes are held once a week while senior classes are held twice a week.

The School year is divided into three terms, which start in January, May and September. The school is closed on all public holidays.

The School also conducts Street Jazz and Hip Hop Classes for Children from the age of six years and above. (For Further information refer to the link Natasha Jayasuriya-Hip Hop).


A high standard of discipline and conduct is maintained at all times. Students are expected to conform to and comply with the rules and regulations of the school. Students who choose to perform in any other dance recital outside the school should obtain prior permission from the school. The uniform is compulsory and students should be well groomed when attending their daily classes. Parents should notify the school secretary in the event of any forced absence.

Aims and aspirations

Training, and more specifically professional training, must obviously lie at the heart of a school that is in the pursuit of excellence. Dance training puts equal emphasis on the mind and body of a dancer. It involves using a carefully structured program that develops with absolute consistency over a given time span.

The purpose of the school is to produce serious professional dancers in the full awareness of what that means. Our vision is to develop a unique and internationally recognized approach to the education of dancers and to also encourage them to acquire a special and highly valued approach to their art. The enthusiasm with which our students share their vision gives the school its unique atmosphere and its strong personal identity.

The Basis of the Course

The Course at Deanna School of Dancing stands firmly on the discipline of Classical Ballet. This is not only because Classical Ballet technique is the most demanding and difficult to master, but also because, in our view, all the other disciplines depend, to a very large extent, on the quality of the Classical training that has been achieved.

RAD Exams

These examinations are conducted by the Royal Academy of Dance (London) each year. Students are trained from the Pre-Primary to Advanced 1. The standard of the school is exceptionally high with a 100% pass rate at the Royal Academy of Dancing Examinations. The majority of our students who pass the exam do so with the highest possible grades, i.e. a Distinction pass. However, appearing for exams is not compulsory. The Principal of the Deanna School of Dancing makes the final decisions on those students who have attained the required standard to perform up to the satisfaction of RAD examiners.